Dr. Ronak Gandhi


Founder & CEO, Loving Foundation


Dr. Ronak Gandhi
President, Zen Counseling Association, India
Member, International Zen Counseling Association, Japan
Founder & CEO, Loving Foundation

住所 Devi, 148 Murli Bungalow, Opp. Navjeevan Press, Ashram Road, Income Tax, Ahmedabad - 380014, Gujarat, INDIA
電話番号 +91-9825034740, 8758633222



When I first heard about Zen Counseling, me being a practitioner of Zen Archery, I immediately got attracted to it.
When Kenchi Ishimaru proposed that Zen Counseling would solve all your problems, I did not believe him.
I wanted to see it myself, and after the training, it was true, I found solution to all my problems.

Since 2009, after getting trained myself as Zen Counselor, I practice this in India.
Zen Counseling has helped so many people find their solutions to their problems; work, relationship, financial, health issues, career related & spiritual issues.
Zen Counseling is very powerful technique for clarity in life & transformation.

I love Zen Counseling, it is very helpful to mankind.