Zen Counseling Course Syllabus

Description of Zen Counseling course

The training for Zen Counselors is a course which covers whole syllabus and it is of 24 hours duration.
The course should have preferably 8 to 12 participants.

Definition of Zen Counselor

Those who conduct Zen Counseling sessions after completing the official Zen Counseling course and submit more than 100 case studies of those sessions and able to do effective counseling without giving any advice.

Issuing Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of attendance will be issued by Zen Counseling Association in each country after completion of all the official courses which are conducted by a certified trainer for Zen Counselors.
This certificate prepares one to be a Zen counselor.

Certificate and Registration of Zen Counselor

After completing the Zen counseling course, giving Zen counseling sessions to more than 100 clients and submitting the case studies to Zen Counseling Association in their region, one will be registered as a certified Zen Counselor and will be listed on this website.
Certification will be issued by International Zen Counseling Association.

Certification and Registration of a trainer for Zen Counselor

The founder judges and decides for now.

Certification and Registration of a Master teacher of Zen Counseling

One Master teacher is responsible for each country.
Master teachers will be assigned by the founder.