Zen Counseling Reviews

Impression of the lecture attendance

I had it remind that it thought, “it did not get along well” in the life of it that there was the “leaving a vague thing vague” “thing that I was particular” about in oneself There is admitting even when laughing even when crying if the mind by the words that but appeared from oneself that it is difficult to admit what one’s “problem” is is belonging to it To somebody who are not oneself other “Your problem is this” When I attribute it to the person who advised it when the next problem produced it even if I feel repulsion when advised when your problem is settled when I do it this way and solved it or I am not going to solve a problem by oneself, I say Because it is the answer that I gave by oneself I can have courage to believe oneself who can take responsibility for both one’s thing that I decided and an action by oneself It is by little I come to be able to live in one’s life by oneself Elder brothers parents People of the job friend neighborhood I experience the Zen counseling that has begun to know whether you pushed one’s opinion that oneself controls a partner in shopping TV and a net how (among families in particular) at a place of every life and feel a change for human relations and work.

Zen Counseling is the counseling I was looking for

There is my answer in me. There is your answer in you. It resolves when it is believed. I think it would be good if everyone in the world knew it. But first,to help myself. And I want to be able to hear the stories of loved ones. “Zen Counselling” have literally changed my life! Thank you for wonderful course. I will treasure it for the rest of my life.


Improved communication with my boss

I was worried because I couldn’t communicate well with my boss. In Zen counseling, It’s important to listen. I think it’s easy, but we don’t have the basics of it. We trained repeatedly in the course, and then we learned something. a place that has been incorporated into one’s private life Improved communication with your boss. It’s a good relationship now. Thank you for Zen counseling.


Counseling has transformed my life a lot

“Respect the other person and listen to the story until the end. ” Just because of this, those who are speaking are deeply aware and will answer themselves. I met this scene many times, and I am impressed by the inner beauty of people. I received instruction permission from Dr. Ishimaru, and I am spreading zen counseling in various places. The best benefit is to keep meeting the beautiful people inside. I am sending a day of thanks.

Zen Counseling has changed my life and my family life

It was zen counseling that made me realize that I have been happy. Just silently listening to the story, I realized naturally. I knew that I really didn’t really understand myself. After that, I introduced zen counseling to my friends, and a lot of people came to practice, and everyone changed. I want Zen counseling to be transmitted to as many people as possible.

I work in public relations

Zen Counseling is useful because there are many opportunities to hear people talk.



The first course was only confusion

I have so much trouble, talk or talk, next to next, my own things, my husband, my son, my daughter, my parents, my neighborhood, my news, etc. I am correct! I talked without hesitation.
Sometimes I continued to complain about the frustration that I could not go according to tears.
And I noticed. I only say my own opinion I had raised the problem of the party on my own to a big problem I just had a value that I was right I thought that I was doing my best I used only backward words and the reason is that I could not hear people talk. I also realized that I always wanted someone to admit. “I want to admit it!” To whom? What is it for? Ask yourself I realize that I was not doing anything with myself. Awareness work that was the answer of my insult. Admit yourself / affirm yourself / accept as it is. I finally reached there in my second course. Also, I was surprised at the power of words. How much have you hurt people…I wondered why I was worried. I was going to advise. I was very embarrassed. What have you been doing? Was it useless? But I notice again. It was good to notice now !! The rest of my life I can live so easily I was positive. I was able to listen to the other party’s story for two years.Do you accept that story? Do you accept? Do you let it go? Will you go through it again? I also noticed that it was my freedom. I was very tired when I was confronting the other person’s words and actions with all my strength. I could only laugh only grin. Now I can laugh aloud. And my pain was gone.
I will participate in the third course in June, I am excited from now on.

When I see the land every day, I feel calm

If I did not zen counselling, I think that I bought the lottery but not the land. And even after I die, grandchildren will continue to live in the sunless house.



Taking Zen counseling, for families, especially children

“I was talking about the extra worries and extra stuff.” What I noticed is the best harvest. “The answer is in that person” I understood this and I felt emotionally I am at ease. Thank you for teaching.


I keep learning Zen counseling

When a problem happened, previous I who learns Zen counseling was forcing responsibility on other people. I had a lot of egoism. There is also egoism now. But egoism could be accepted now. Zen counseling has made me feel comfortable.It’s because I knew that an answer of a problem was inside itself. And a problem was being made with itself. Myself learned to be able to settle it with an only. I relax very much now. I’m active in Japan as an instructor of a Touch For Health kinesiology. A client speaks to me about various problems. But advice isn’t performed at all. I relax, and need only to hear. A client settles a problem by himself. The Zen counseling is very simple. My treasure. I’ll also keep learning Zen counseling now.

Impressions of Zen counseling

I am taking Touch for Health. There was a course called metaphor in Touch for Health, and I did not feel the need to take counseling. I thought it was different to advise people on learning metaphor and to control people with my own values ​​but I didn’t know the specific method, I just listened to the counseling, I wanted to know the parrot return and attended Did. If you attend a course, you will be waiting for your advice just like regular counseling, but it will not be a real solution if you ask for advice. Though I’m just asking you to listen, it’s strange that I know the direction of the solution. This feeling may not be transmitted unless you experience it, but it is a course that makes your life better and you can feel the love of those who listen to the story.

the reason why I love the zen counseling

It is very simple not only for me , but also for clients . I do not teach, do not control, do not force anything. This is not a counseling technique, but a way to improve myself-confidence to live better. In our life, except when we ware baby, nobody listened carefully with love and wait. Then we feel we needed such a person . If most of parents could understand this “way of life = zen counseling” , relationship will dramatically change in few days in home, in few years on the planets.