Kamalika Basak



Kamalika Basak has been in the field of empowerment since the last 10 years. A Special educator, she has worked as teacher as well as a Manager in an NGO for lesser privileged children. Thereafter she was COO of a Healing and Wellness Centre in the city of Mumbai. Alongside she has also dabbled successfully in commercial modeling in her earlier years. Currently, she has chosen to take out time to work for herself and dedicate her time to one- one counseling with Zen Counseling as well as help reach this work out in different parts of the world.

Adress Bandra West, Mumbai

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Area India


My experience with Zen Counseling has been most profound. It has allowed me to reach a deep level of surrender and acceptance which allows my clients to find a great sense of safety to delve deep as well and truly identify their real obstacles and turn it around in their irrespective lives. I look forward to welcoming you in a session.