Dianne Tooley



Born in UK. I have travelled widely teaching English & training teachers. Whilst teaching in Japan, I discovered Zen meditation & this inspired me to search further. I first came to India 26 years ago as a spiritual seeker & stayed in a very simple ashram in Tiruvonamalai. I discovered Ramarnishi & became interested in the question, 'Who am I?' This led me to Auroville & Sri Aurobindo & the Mother, Krishnamurti, Buddha, Vipassana meditation & Osho. Osho meditations really resonated with me & over the years I have stayed in many Osho ashrams. During my globetrotting, I studied yoga & different meditation techniques. I have held yoga retreats, given sessions for some Osho meditations & nowadays concentrate on relaxation therapies such as Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sound Baths & EFT. I love the philosophy behind Zen Counselling-we all are Buddha's & have our own answers inside us!

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ZC is a very loving way to help clients discover solutions to their own issues.