Gargi Rathod



An MBA, with over 11 years’ corporate experience across a wide range of industries. Hands-on experience in International Sale, Marketing, Product Management, Strategy, Business Development, Market Growth, Organization Development. Worked and spent more time with International Clients and Start-up. With a commercial expertise and warm, empathetic style, she is able to build trust quickly and drive insightful and valuable interactions with all the individuals. Passionate about helping personnel, successfully navigate the operational pressures to achieve results and is able to simultaneously motivate and challenge her team to improve and try new ways of doing things. She discovered a passion for developing others by helping them find the simple solution to all the problems from within and this ignited a desire to be a Zen Counselor.

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In order to clarify my confusions and problems, I took Zen Counselling session and it was a surprise to me to get the solutions within myself, it motivated me to dig deeper into it and became a Zen Counsellor. I love helping people explore themselves in a positive way and make substantial changes that allow them to fully enjoy their lives. I became Zen Counsellor, so I could step into a more meaningful existence, contribute to society, and grow into my potential in the process.
Zen is about our life now, and how we can experience what this life is about by applying ourselves fully in each moment.

Zen Counselling helps to realize our true potential.

Be Wise, Be Useful, Be Loving, Be Zen…………………………