Mona Doctor



Mona Doctor is a Holistic Health Consultant, Energy healer/ teacher, Mentor and the Co- Founder of The Integral Space, An Ecosystem of Wellbeing. A passionate student of Life and the Healing Arts, Mona has a deep understanding, and is a senior, experienced wellbeing facilitator. She believes that nature is the greatest healer of all, and that given time, awareness and the appropriate alternative therapies, mindfulness practices, the mind/body complex can easily return to a state of balance. A Certified processional, Mona works with both ancient and contemporary healing and counselling methodologies. Here to serve, Listen Relaxed!

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The beauty of Zen Counselling is in its inherent simplicity. “ Listening Relaxed “ the only requisite!
Zen Counselling is a natural progression in my professional.
Minimal & Transformative.