Dr. Nilani P



Professionally an academician, researcher, administrator and counsellor. Having 20 years of teaching and research experience as Professor and 8 years of Administrative experience as Deputy Controller of Examinations and Deputy Director of Bureau of Quality &Statistics, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysore. Serving as a Scientific adviser for Indian Patent office. Published around 30 research papers in national and international scientific journal and presented nearly 25 research papers in various national and international conference and symposium in India and abroad. Chaired scientific sessions and delivered guest lectures & keynote address at national and international summit, seminar, and conference. Participated in panel discussions in forum related Higher Education, Rankings, Quality Assurance & Bench Making. Credited with 3 patents as main inventor and recipient of Indian Association of biomedical sciences IABMS best patent award. Compiled 3 volumes of Medicinal plant research compendium for JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research and a handbook of medicinal plants for Medicinal plants promoters association, Nilgiris and JSSAHER Compendium on Sustainable Development Goals . Empowers and motivates women and children through various training and skill development programs for the betterment of society considering the values of individual and society. As a qualified, trained Value Educationist conducts value education program and counselling for children in schools and colleges. As administrator, continuing the professional services to the organization for improving "quality" at all levels. Believing that “Learning Never Stops” continuing to learn through Leadership & Facilitator Training Program from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, USA and UNITAR Training Programs of the UN. Beyond all, meditation, yoga and kriyas is the integral part of the living and values high in life. As a professionally trained ZEN Counsellor, looking forward to help people in overcoming challenges in life.

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Not a western or eastern philosophy or practice
not a psychotherapy or psychology or psychiatry
not a meditation or yoga or retreat
Zen Counselling changes general perception
to simple realisation
“Everyone is a Buddha”
and I am too.
I am ever grateful to my Teacher Dr. Ronak Gandhi