Yogesh Lokhande



Yogesh Lokhande works as the Vice President of Strategy at Cygnet Infotech. An IIM Bangalore alumnus, his 20+ years of experience has been in the marketing of software solutions and services, education and innovation. He loves to talk, blog and conduct training sessions on the importance of seeing the big picture and to develop present moment awareness. During free time, he offers to help corporate executives solve their problems through Zen Counseling.

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Area Pune, India


I was once upon a time a sincere and serious seeker of truth, reading spiritual books day and night, practicing meditation while sitting and sleeping, disgruntled about the ways of the world and discontent with my own life. One day there was an awakening and I decided it was time to save all human beings from their sufferings by teaching them the truth about life and death. For many years, I tried in various ways without success. Finally, I came across Zen Counseling as demonstrated by Kenichi Ishimaru. And I am relieved that this has saved the world from me and my teachings. There is nothing to teach. Every person is already a Buddha.